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Belts and hoses perform functions that are fairly basic — but their performance is absolutely critical to your car, truck or SUV. Your local Colony Tire location is available to service and support:

Timing Belts

Driving a vehicle that is approaching the timing belt mileage recommendation limit is like riding around with a ticking time bomb — you just don’t know when it will wear down enough to finally lose its grip. The results of a bad timing belt that has malfunctioned can be awful — and extremely expensive. In older cars, fixing engine damage inflicted by a bad timing belt can meet or exceed the current value of the car.

Serpentine Belts

The serpentine belt snakes around major engine components, including the water pump, power steering, alternator and air conditioner. Overall, it maintains steering and electrical performance. All it takes is one break for the entire mechanical process to cease completely. Colony Tire recommends visiting one of our locations to have your serpentine belt replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Radiator Hoses

The radiator hose runs from the radiator to the engine. It’s often black in color and looks to be made of thick rubber. When a radiator hose malfunctions, you may see a pool of radiator fluid built up under the vehicle when you’ve been parked; however, in most instances, pressure builds in the hose, causing it to burst without warning. Minor preventative maintenance work performed by Colony Tire can catch this problem before it becomes major.

Heater Hoses

A running engine produces a tremendous amount of heat, which needs to be transferred away from the engine in order to prevent overheating — this is where the heater hose comes into play. A good heater hose can last for up to ten years, if properly cared for. Without having this important piece of your car’s heating and cooling system inspected, you could find yourself along the side of the road awaiting a tow truck.