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A functioning exhaust system is vital to the health of your vehicle. A broken catalytic converter, muffler or other related part could have serious consequences on the performance of your vehicle, affecting fuel economy, engine power and other functions.

What’s more, if exhaust issues are not immediately addressed, they can end up costing you hundreds — even thousands down the road. Certain exhaust system replacements (such as catalytic converters) can be extremely expensive.

At Colony Tire, our NC and VA auto repair specialists have experience working with exhaust system repairs and replacements of all types, including catalytic converter replacements, center exhaust section replacements, down-pipe replacements, manifold replacements and muffler replacements.

Whether you need a basic repair performed or a replacement part installed, our team has the skills and resources to get the job done right the first time.


Think it may be time for an exhaust inspection? Below are a few of the most common signs of an exhaust problem:

  • Unusual smells
    • Smell of exhaust
    • Sharp, acidic smell
  • Less-than-average fuel economy
  • Excessive noise
    • Clunking
    • Rattling
    • Hissing/whistling
  • Rough idle
  • Rust, cracks or other issues with the muffler or other visible exhaust system parts

If any of these issues sounds familiar, don’t hesitate to call your local Colony Tire auto care center! We’d be happy to schedule you an appointment for an exhaust inspection or other related service.