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Features of Blacklion BA80 VORACIO A/T

  • Modern aggressive AT design
  • Multi width shoulder grooves
  • Stair-step tread grooves
  • Variable groove shoulder arrangement
  • Hard apex rubber
  • High tensile strength bead wire
  • Jointless Bead Cover: spiral steel band wrapped around beads
  • Extra Poly Ply (total 5 ply)
  • 5 Belts – 2 Steel, 1 Nylon, 2 Poly
  • Rim protector
  • Limited Mileage Warranty: 40,000 Miles/48 Months (Does not apply to LT designated tires)

Benefits of Blacklion BA80 VORACIO A/T

  • Improves wet grip
  • Improves water evacuation and stone retention
  • Reduces shock providing a smoother ride
  • Improves cornering response and handling
  • Improves the structural rigidity of the tire resulting in a smooth ride
  • For added strength

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