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Features of Nokian Tyre NOKIAN WR A4

  • Sturdy, longitudinal center rib consisting of tread blocks with jagged sipes
  • Rubber compound that contains natural rubber, silica and canola oil
  • Each tread block sipe has a precise shape and role
  • Tread blocks on tire shoulders supported by steep groove lifts
  • Snow claws shaped on the longitudinal grooves of the tread blocks
  • Polished longitudinal and lateral grooves
  • Curved, ramp like design of inner shoulder tread blocks

Benefits of Nokian Tyre NOKIAN WR A4

  • Offers maximum snow grip and precise handling
  • Ensures precise, excellent winter grip, excellent wear resistance and low fuel consumption
  • For excellent grip and handling properties
  • Increase stiffness and improve handling
  • Grip the surface of snow and in soft terrain for better winter grip
  • Facilitate the removal of snow and slush
  • Guide and accelerate the flow of water from longitudinal grooves for excellent aquaplaning prevention properties

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