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(4.8) | 11 Reviews

Features of Nokian Tyre OUTPOST APT

  • Dual sidewall design - different patterns on each sidewall
  • Torrent grooves
  • Double diamond lifts
  • Gravel guards
  • Aramid sidewall technology
  • Driving Safety Indicator (DSI)
  • 65,000 Mile/105,000 km Limited Treadwear Warranty (For Non-Fleet and Non-Commercial Vehicles Only)
  • Nokian Tyres Pothole Protection Warranty
  • Carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol

Benefits of Nokian Tyre OUTPOST APT

  • Lets drivers outfit their vehicles with their own personal look to make a statement of intent for the journeys ahead
  • Tailored to improve grip on soft surfaces
  • Provides grip on unpredictable surfaces
  • Reinforced to prevent stone drilling as you go from off-road to the highway
  • For puncture-resistance and impact protection
  • Offers high mileage and fuel efficiency
  • Meets the required performance criteria for Use in Severe Snow Conditions

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4.8 out of 5

11 Ratings



Finally! A genuine All Purpose Tire (APT).

Reviewed 4/9/2024

I've been driving on a set of the Nokian Tyres Outpost APT through 2 Western Canadian winters and 2 summers of tough sledding. Vehicle is a 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor. The Nokian Tyres Outpost APT is indeed an all-purpose CUV tire. Tire performance is very good on both dry and wet pavement; responsive to steering inputs with good turn-in; no hydroplaning in the wet and not too noisy. This tire shines on gravel roads; doesn't feel like you're driving on marbles and very little stone retention in the tread blocks or siping. This tire is also very capable in fresh snow, hard-packed snow and slush. On ice, vehicle control is very predictable, to the extent that the Crosstrek's VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) rarely engages. I've experienced "all-weather" tires from two other brands (Toyo and Yokohama) and both did not live up to their all-weather claims. The Nokian Tyres Outpost APT actually delivers on my expectations for a tire I can confidently run year 'round on any road surface. Highly recommended.

Would Recommend - Yes

Razorback Bill

Awesome Tire! Or is it Tyre?

Reviewed 1/20/2024

I have been through multiple terrains with this tire including dry, wet, dirt, mud, snow, and ice and I have had great traction provided by these tires. This is my second set of Nokian Tyres and I was very happy with the first one so I decided to try out this one. My mpg is running from 29-32 and I like how this tire is very smooth and quiet on the streets and highways.

Would Recommend - Yes


Good tires

Reviewed 10/31/2023

Driven them on highway, gravel and fire roads and did great. I did not like how they handle on our first winter storm so I replaced them with a winter tire.

Would Recommend - Yes


Great all weather tire..aggressive and fairly quiet

Reviewed 4/10/2023

I didn`t know what to expect...but decided to try these instead of a Falken Wildpeak. These tires look really cool with the aggressive sidewall side facing out on my Crosstrek.. I took my Crosstrek out in the snow after removing my winter Nokian Tyres Nordman tires and installing these and the traction was surprisingly good. I could run these all year round if needed. The one thing that really surprised me though: after three long runs on side roads and highway, the tire noise was really good; I expected them to be louder. And with these long runs I would fill up the car with fuel before going, and check recorded mileage before/after. I actually am getting higher fuel mileage with these over my Bridgestone RE980`s these replaced.. I didn`t believe it the first run.. but after 3 long trips I verified that at least there is no gas mileage penalty with these tires (that I was expecting with a more aggressive tread pattern..)!

Would Recommend - Yes


Phenomenal All Year Round Tire

Reviewed 3/26/2023

Purchased a set of the for a 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend to replace the stock Continentals and to avoid having to purchase a second set of winter tires on rims. Have owned SEVERAL brands of tires including extremely high performance ones (Michelin Pilot Sport 4s) and Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta studded tires. I have to say from the moment they were installed I was very impressed. Summer driving they stick to the road like glue, have zero issues in heavy rain and and surprisingly quiet. Did not see a noticeable decrease in fuel economy either! Been through one of the snowiest winters in quite some time, and again I was very impressed at how they handled. Deep snow and/or slush they have zero issues in cutting through. As per my previous winter tires which were studded - I cannot say that these Nokian Tyres Outpost APTs are as performant on ice. HOWEVER, given that they are not studded and are a dedicated all year round tire, they still performed VERY well on icy roads. Overall very impressed by these tires - will definitely be repurchasing once new ones are required.

Would Recommend - Yes


Excellent tires in all conditions. True Champions of the Blizzard in the San Bernardino Mountains (March 2023)

Reviewed 3/10/2023

I am so happy with the Outpost APT! I have actually been telling people that I love them. I want to be very specific with my review. I had these tires mounted and balanced on my 2WD VW Eurovan Camper, along with a 4-wheel alignment, before a cross-country Christmas road trip over December 2022 and January 2023. We drove from Los Angeles to Toronto and they were absolutely excellent! I was anxious about the harsh winter weather that we would encounter. We drove through every road condition that I can think of and we never lost traction. The Outpost APTs gave us confidence that we did not have before. They were quiet at highway speeds, always perfectly sure-footed in the snow, slush, and ice in cottage country Ontario, sliced through deep water during a tornado warning near Nashville, and saved us when we slammed into a huge pothole somewhere in Ohio. I didn't think I could be more impressed until I had to navigate Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, and Running Springs in the aftermath of the March 2023 Blizzard in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. I chose my routes carefully, but never got stuck, never slid, and never needed chains on my front wheel drive van. These tires are amazing and I love the way they look. You can have them mounted either of 2 ways with their different sidewall designs: one side is more rugged with nice well-designed lugs on the sidewall, and the other is more subtle, perhaps elegant, and would look great on a luxury SUV. I have highly recommended them to many people and insisted that my elderly parents get Nokian Tyres products put on their BMW X5. They are very happy as well.

Would Recommend - Yes


Not as snow capable as I thought

Reviewed 3/5/2023

These are nice tires but lack hardpack snow and ice traction. Must be cautious while winter driving.

Would Recommend - No

hot h2o

Amazing tire

Reviewed 2/22/2023

Bought these to go with my aftermarket wheels for my RAV4 Hybrid. First drive I was upset with the road noise. But soon realized it was a different frequency and it did not bother me. Have to say these tires are absolutely AMAZING in the wet. Grip is truly sticky. I will be buying another set of these when these wear out.

Would Recommend - Yes



Reviewed 1/29/2023

Bought these to put on a 2022 Ford Bronco Sport and I gotta say they are phenomenal. Decently quiet and perform very well in all kinds of conditions and weather. Using them in the winter and have been very impressed how they handle in both heavy snow and icy roads. Very well rounded tire.

Would Recommend - Yes

Rubber Side Down

Very versatile tire

Reviewed 1/27/2023

So far the Outpost APTs are very impressive tires. I did a lot of research before purchasing tires for my 2020 Kia Telluride. I like Michelin very much but did not like the stock tires that came with our certified used vehicle. A friend suggested Nitto Grapplers because they are also apparently awesome but I haven't tried them nor heard anything first hand about them. In any case, the Nokian Tyres APT tires are seriously amazing in heavy rain. My wife and I both feel very confident driving in downpours and through unpredictable puddles with these rugged tires. In our experience these tires do not readily hydroplane, which is easy to understand once you see just how deep the treads are and appreciate how they are designed to eject water from both sides of the asymmetrical tread. The tires seriously slice through water and maintain reliable road contact. The Outpost APTs are noticeably better on gravel roads than our old set of Toyo Celsius CUVs (which we absolutely loved (!) - Celsius CUV tires were insanely good on snow, even in a FWD 2004 Honda Odyssey). The main reason we went with the Nokian Tyres over Toyos or even Michelin Cross Climate 2 (which are absolutely amazing from everything I've seen), is because we like the extra assurance the Aramid Sidewalls on Outpost APTs provide. As a cyclist and driver - puncture resistance in all its available forms is absolutely key. So far, the Nokian Tyres Outpost APTs have held up very well in hitting pot holes. Check it out if you don't believe me: The tires chew up uneven and scarred pavement and provide a very quiet and comfortable ride on the highway and local roads. I have only tested them in modest snow in Chicago and Wisconsin (it has not been a very snowy season so far). Nevertheless, these tires, even while pushing the Telluride in light snow - in Sport Mode - (while under safe and pedestrian-free conditions), will slip or skid only slightly even when accelerating aggressively and again when slamming on the brakes. Assuming the rest of the winter works out like this, we will be purchasing another set of Outpost APTs to go exploring in our Mazda CX-5. Buy Nokian Tyres - i.e. the tires (the only point of contact for such a vehicle) adeptly found traction very quickly. Each and every time I tested it. I look forward to a couple of feet of snow to see what the all purpose tires can really do. They are good quality and handsome tires. We have the aggressive tread-wall facing out on the Telluride but hope to purchase another pair for a 2020 Mazda CX-5 and turn it into a polite and humble beast with the less aggressive sidewalls facing outward.

Would Recommend - Yes

Subaru guy

Best year-round tires ever!

Reviewed 12/14/2022

I liked the set I put on my 2006 Subaru Forester so much I put a set on my wife's brand new 2023 Subaru Crosstrek, they will be the next tires on my 2010 Subaru Forester XT. Minimal road noise for such an aggressive tread. Handle as well as any other A/T tires. I haven't had the chance to use them in deep mud yet, but they handled sand very well. Solid grip in the rain. I have finally had a chance to use them in some moderate snow (about 8 inches), thoroughly impressed. Has me looking forward to a real snowfall (something over a foot) to test them out. A fair price for an outstanding tire. The snowflake winter rating means I can tell my insurance company that I am running on winter approved tires, that I can use all year. My only complaint, they are very difficult to get here in Canada. Very few dealers and very poor stock availability.

Would Recommend - Yes

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