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(4.9) | 9 Reviews

Features of Nokian Tyre OUTPOST AT

  • Summit sidewalls
  • Canyon cuts
  • Gravel guards
  • Aramid Shield technology
  • Driving Safety Indicator
  • Nokian Tyres Pothole Protection Warranty
  • Carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol
  • 60,000 Mile/100,000 km Limited Treadwear Warranty for both P-Metric and LT-Metric (For Non-Fleet and Non-Commercial Vehicles Only)

Benefits of Nokian Tyre OUTPOST AT

  • Extra grip on soft surfaces
  • Tailored to grip unpredictable surfaces
  • Reinforced to prevent stone drilling as you go from off-road to the highway
  • Provides sidewall impact protection from rough road surfaces and sharp curb edges
  • Provides a puncture-resistant shield to protect the tire from road hazards
  • Meets the required performance criteria for Use in Severe Snow Conditions

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4.9 out of 5

17 Ratings




Reviewed 6/13/2024

I've run BFG, Nitto, and Toyo on my Ram 1500 and these are by far the quietest and smoothest riding tires I've ever owned. Traction is great off road and whisper quiet on the highway.

Would Recommend - Yes


Pilot loves its shoes!

Reviewed 1/24/2024

These Nokian Tyres Outpost ATs ain't fancy, but like a sturdy mule, they get the job done. Handled muddy trails and deep snow with aplomb, grip like a handshake aught to be, even on ice, if you get my drift. Highway tread whispers like an owl flying through the trees, unlike any political debate. Gas guzzles a bit more, but freedom ain't free. For the Pilot owner who seeks adventure, these tires won't leave you stranded. Five stars, with regrets about killing more Dinosaurs.

Would Recommend - Yes


Best all-around tire

Reviewed 12/29/2023

These tires are on a Subaru Crosstrek with a lift kit and they handle amazing on the road: dry, wet, or ice they're amazing - and they have taken the little Subaru through snow like it’s nothing. I will be trying the Outpost nAT on my Ford F-250 when they become available in my area.

Would Recommend - Yes


No noticeable noise 245/70/17E oversize on 2018 ford transit xlt 4x4 passenger van

Reviewed 9/27/2023

Installed 4x4 from Quadvan in Portland, OR this August 2023 and put these Nokian Tyres on new wheels. I didn't notice any real tire noise cruising as I put the tires on a few days before the 4x4 upgrade. After the upgrade I did hear slight noise from the 4x4 setup with new Bilsteins and a 2 inch lift (our van only has 4,000 miles for a 2018). However one problem, but not the tires' fault directly - they seem awesome so far but further testing is required (offroading and in the snow/ice etc.) - is the larger tires cause the van to turn from like a car experience to a truck/RV and now I get blown around a little and have to grip the steering wheel due to keeping it driving straight and around corners. I don't really want to affect the vans 4x4 ability but since we don't offroad much, maybe I'll try some front and rear sumosprings and just remove if its an off-road trip. Love the Nokian Tyres Outpost tires so far. This is not the first time I've purchased Nokian Tyres products. I've put another type of their tires on a 2011 Kia Sportage SX AWD and they were 100% awesome in the snow and rain plus wet grass etc. but wore quicker than the stock tires - most likely due to a softer compound used in winter tires, but well worth the trade off.

Would Recommend - Yes


Nokian Outpost AT 10 ply

Reviewed 4/16/2023

Put these on a Tacoma as they are lighter weight for a 10 ply and have the all weather winter snowflake. 25,000kms now and living in Alberta Canada, here is what I observed: ride is smooth, reasonably quiet for All Terrain tire. Very good on gravel roads and washboard. Liked them in snow, confident braking. Ice starting/braking is ok, more weight in the truck box may help here. Fuel mileage only slightly increased from OEM tires that were not 10 ply so happy with the gas mileage. No issues with on road, city potholes or off-road travel. Happy with these from Kal Tire and would purchase them again.

Would Recommend - Yes


Great all around tire, except on ice...

Reviewed 4/8/2023

I bought these tires last fall. They are great in many conditions, but when it comes to icy conditions, one must exercise extreme caution. Our winter conditions can be extreme. I would still recommend these tires as i managed to drive without incidents. That being said, I have put many miles over the years in wintery mountainous roads.

Would Recommend - Yes


These tires look great and have performed way beyond expectations!

Reviewed 3/22/2023

I tried Nokian Tyres products on my passenger car and they were surprisingly amazing, so I was confident that the all terrain for my truck will be great. But they are aggressive and handle mud, snow, ice, highway, towing and more. They are better than any tire I have had on a truck, and I have tried just about every brand. Now I only go with and recommend Nokian Tyres!

Would Recommend - Yes


Great A/T option

Reviewed 2/5/2023

After owning BFGoodrich KO2’s, Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac's, Falken Wildpeak's and Toyo Open Country’s, nothing defeated my KO2. But I wanted to try something else for this year's Canadian winter. Was a bit skeptical to try the Nokian since the Outposts are new and I couldn't find any reviews, but I'm really happy I did. The Nokian Tyres Outpost's are my new all terrain favorite.

Would Recommend - Yes


Risk Worth Taking

Reviewed 12/26/2022

I was a bit concerned about buying these tires. I didn't know anyone who had them, reviews were limited and very few dealers in my area. Impressive winter traction and handling that goes well beyond any other set of 3-peak rated tires I've ever owned. Road noise and general handling are good so far with limited use.

Would Recommend - Yes

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