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Features of Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G003

  • High density, triple polymer compound
  • Wide flat profile
  • Aggressive sidewall armor
  • Geo-shield technology - multiple sidewall plies, steel belts, a full nylon cap and high turn-up
  • Optimized block-to-void ration and sipes
  • Mud and stone ejectors
  • Advanced variable pitch tread design
  • 30-Day Trial Satisfaction Guarantee

Benefits of Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G003

  • Provides exceptional wear performance
  • Distributes stress more evenly across the tread area resulting in longer wear
  • Creates a bold, new look while deliver off-road traction and protection from damage
  • Assure reliable protection
  • Provides outstanding off-road grip and shorter stopping distance on wet roads
  • Protect against stone drilling and keep the grooves clear
  • Engineered to provide a quieter highway ride

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