Michelin X INCITY Z

305/85R22.5 J X INCITY Z


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305/85R22.5 J X INCITY Z

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    • Fights treadwear, irregular wear and distributes force for 20% additional mileage compared to XZU tires
    • Improved casing protection and casing fatigue resistance
    • Designed to dissipate heat in bead area and improve bead durability
    • Low rolling resistance without compromising tread life for outstanding fuel economy
    • Deliver outstanding traction and excellent water and snow evacuation throughout the life of the tire
  • Scrub resistant compound, wear resistant tread pattern and wide footprint
  • Extra thick sidewall, full width elastic protector ply and sidewall wear indicators
  • Extended Metallic Chafer and optimized bead architecture
  • Optimized compounds and tread pattern
  • Matrix sipes, zigzag groove walls and full depth sipes
Tire Size: 305/85R22.5 J
Tread Warranty:
Load Rating: 152/149
Speed Rating: K - 68 mph  (110 kph)
Sidewall: Black Sidewall
Load Capacity: 7830/7160 pounds
Max Inflation: 120 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 36530

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