Continental CONRAD HT1

12.00R20 L TL CONRAD HT1


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12.00R20 L TL CONRAD HT1


.43 per tire


    • Resistant to tread cuts and impacts for a longer service life
    • Offers an extremely smooth ride
    • Minimizes the irregular wear that can occur with twin-fitted tires
    • Reduced fuel consumption and les CO2 emissions
  • High tread depth and strong solid shoulder
  • Greater sidewall flexibility
  • Half-track profile
  • Low rolling resistant compounds
Tire Size: 12.00R20 L TL
Tread Warranty:
Load Rating: 176
Speed Rating: A5
Load Capacity:
Max Inflation: 0 PSI

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  • Tire Install & Computer Balance
  • FREE 500 Mile Ride Guarantee
  • FREE Alignment Checks
  • FREE Flat Repair (18" tires and under)
  • FREE Tire Inspections & Air Pressure Checks

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