Michelin XSM D2+ PRO

26.5R25 3* TL XSM D2+ PRO


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26.5R25 3* TL XSM D2+ PRO

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    • Increased load capacity of up to 18% and greater resistance and toughness
    • Improves tire life
    • Improved aggression resistance
    • Endure the harshest of conditions
  • Reinforced 3-star casing and two extra plies which contain crossed-nylon cords encased in rubber
  • NRT technology that reinforces the sidewalls
  • Improved cables and tread compounds
  • Optimized tread compounds
Tire Size: 26.5R25 3* TL
Tread Warranty:
Load Rating:
Speed Rating:
Load Capacity:
Max Inflation: 0 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 74661

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