Yokohama TY303A

215/70R17.5 G TY303A


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215/70R17.5 G TY303A

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    • Promote flat, even treadwear throughout the long life of the tire
    • Not only extends tire mileage, but also delivers increased fuel economy
    • Allows excellent retreadability
  • Deep tread and advanced shoulder lug groove pattern
  • Special tread compound
  • Precise casing construction
  • Yokohama Limited Warranty/Adjustment Policy for Truck/Bus Tires
  • Special Casing Warranty
Tire Size: 215/70R17.5 G
Tread Warranty:
Load Rating:
Speed Rating:
Sidewall: Black Sidewall
Load Capacity: 3415/3195 pounds
Max Inflation: 110 PSI

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  • Tire Install & Computer Balance
  • FREE 500 Mile Ride Guarantee
  • FREE Alignment Checks
  • FREE Flat Repair (18" tires and under)
  • FREE Tire Inspections & Air Pressure Checks

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