Yokohama RL47/RL47A E-4

27.00R49 2* RL47A E-4


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27.00R49 2* RL47A E-4

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    • Precise grooves are strategically placed across the tread to effectively disperse heat from the tread area for faster, longer hauls
    • Specially designed features on the shoulder blocks provide for extra heat dissipation in this critical area of the tread
    • A larger, flatter footprint distributes weight more evenly and provides excellent cut resistance and longer service life
    • To meet the tough demands of specific applications
  • Heat dissipation grooves
  • Thermal reduction architecture
  • Large ground contact area
  • Available in four different compound options
Tire Size: 27.00R49 2* RL47A E-4
Tread Warranty:
Load Rating:
Speed Rating:
Sidewall: Black Sidewall
Load Capacity: 60000 pounds
Max Inflation: 102 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 130147007

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