Yokohama AVS WINTER V901

225/55R17 101H   AVS Winter


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225/55R17 101H   AVS Winter

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    • Greatly improves tread surface flexibility in low temperatures for impressive traction across winter-driving conditions
    • To maintain optimal handling
    • Squeegee away water and slush
    • For optimal grip in wet, winter-driving conditions
    • Provide a powerful snow grip
    • Optimizes the different tread functions of the inside, center and outside tread areas
    • Help maintain block rigidity and enhance cornering ability at high speeds
    • To enhance traction and help improve water drainage to reduce hydroplaning
  • Silica Compound With Zeruma
  • Three circumferential grooves – designed to deliver outstanding lateral traction in snow, these grooves also provide high-volume water drainage in wet conditions
  • Large number of wavy sipes
  • Snow Edge Grooves
  • Advanced asymmetric winter tread
  • Large Blocks and Ribs – Located on the outside of the tread
  • Small Blocks – Located on the inside of the tread chew through snow
Tire Size: 225/55R17 101H AVS Winter
Tread Warranty:
Load Rating: 101 - 1819 lbs  (825 kg) per tire
Speed Rating: H - 130 mph  (210 kph)
Load Capacity: 1819 pounds
Max Inflation: 50 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 90123

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