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A faulty electrical or electronic system may not seem detrimental to the operational performance of your car, truck or SUV. But a malfunctioning electrical electronic/electrical system can negatively affect components in your vehicle that keep you and your passengers safe, such as your airbags or anti-theft system. What’s more, certain electrical repairs can be very costly, if not handled by a professional team of auto repair specialists — like the experienced technicians at Colony Tire.

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Our comprehensive auto electrical/electronic services, repairs, and replacements include:

Dashboard Warning Lights

When you bring your car, truck or SUV in for electrical or electronic system service, our trained auto mechanics in NC, SC, or VA will begin by accurately diagnosing the problem to determine the best, most affordable solution to effectively resolve your issue. First, we’ll work to locate any shorts or other issues with your electrical or electronic circuits. We’ll then perform any necessary repairs or replacements in order to get your power windows, headlights, dashboard lights, and any other equipment back to a road-worthy condition. If one of the lights has popped up on your car’s dashboard, don’t hesitate to call Colony Tire about scheduling an appointment for electrical and electronic system service and repair!

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