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Is your car’s A/C blowing hot air? Has your vehicle’s heater stopped working? If your air conditioning or heating system is functioning at less than optimal capacity, the auto repair specialists at Colony Tire can help! With a number of convenient locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, you don’t ever have to suffer from a lack of AC or heat. If your vehicle’s heater or AC is leaking, performing poorly, or simply not working at all, Colony Tire is here to fix the problem.

By ensuring your heating and air conditioning systems are properly maintained and serviced by a professional, you keep these components of your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible. With the unpredictable weather that we often experience in this region of the country, you never know when you’ll need to use your vehicle’s climate control. That’s why Colony Tire is happy to work with vehicle owners of all types to ensure their ride is always as comfortable as possible.

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Heating & Air Conditioning System Inspections, Diagnostics, & Repairs from the Go-to Local Experts

However, if you do find yourself faced with any issues with your heating or AC, you can rely on our auto mechanics for quality inspections, diagnostics, repairs, and other related services. From recharging A/C refrigerant to finding hose leaks, our experienced mechanics can handle it all. No matter what kind of trouble you’re having with the heater or air conditioning in your vehicle, Colony Tire is here help. When it comes to heating and A/C repair, you can trust the company that NC, SC, and VA vehicle owners have been relying on for over 40 years.

Colony Tire Heating and A/C Service & Repair

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