Fast Synthetic Oil Changes in VA, SC, and NC

Full synthetic oil changes are the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly for as long as possible. In fact, many newer cars require synthetic oil because it performs so much better than conventional oil. While conventional oil is refined from crude oil, synthetic oil is manmade to be highly optimized for engine performance.

To keep your vehicle running its best, schedule an appointment for a synthetic oil change today at one of Colony Tire & Service’s Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina locations. We provide the best service in the area, and we’re passionate about helping your car live as long as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Oil Changes?

Routine oil changes have many benefits, and synthetic oil changes have even more. Some benefits of synthetic oil changes include:


Extreme weather conditions can put a lot of strain on your engine. Routine oil changes with synthetic oil help your engine to function better in extreme weather like freezing temperatures.


Natural oil has more impurities that can create harmful sludge. Synthetic oil has fewer impurities since it’s manmade, which helps your vehicle run smoother.


With synthetic oil, every part of your engine works with less friction, which reduces the strain on various engine parts and extends the life of your vehicle.


Thanks to the improved purity of synthetic oil, there are reduced harmful deposits that can gunk up the system and reduce your vehicle’s performance.


All in all, synthetic oil helps keep your engine cleaner, which leads to a longer lifespan with fewer repairs.

Synthetic Oil Changes in VA, SC, and NC

With 18 locations across Virginia and the Carolinas, you’re sure to find a convenient Colony Tire & Service for your next full synthetic oil change. Our professional technicians will get your car, truck, or SUV taken care of and back on the road with a minimum of hassle.

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