Having Transmission Trouble? We Service Both Manual & Automatic Transmissions

Manual Transmission Service

Our transmission experts are committed to keeping your car running smoothly for years to come, which is why we offer all sorts of manual transmission services from filter replacements, to transmission flushes, we’re committed to keeping your car running smoothly for years to come. Having clutch issues? We also offer clutch inspections, adjustments, and replacements.

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Automatic Transmission Service

Although automatic transmission problems can be more difficult to diagnose, the trained mechanics at Colony Tire have years of experience working with all aspects of automatic transmissions, including fluid refills, reseals, rebuilds and replacements.

Know the Signs of Transmission Failure

Below are just a few of the signs that your transmission is failing to function at maximum capacity:

  • A burning smell coming from your air vents
  • The car slipping out of gear
  • A strange noise when the transmission is in neutral
  • Grinding and crunching sounds (manual only)
  • The car refuses to go into gear, even after the clutch is depressed & the stick shift is moved (manual only)
  • Dragging clutch, which means the clutch will not fully disengage when you change gears (manual only)
  • Hesitation while shifting
  • Unsteady shifting or shimmying in the ride of your vehicle (automatic only)
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • A solid or flashing “Check Engine” Light

Transmission Replacement, Repair, & Re-build Services in NC, SC, & VA

In addition to occasional service inspections, we recommend regular maintenance of your transmission to keep your car running smoothly and to prevent major (and often costly) transmission problems from occurring down the road.

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