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Proper wheel alignment makes your car easier to handle and helps prevent uneven tread wear. Unfortunately, no matter how careful of a driver you are, your car’s alignment will eventually begin to fall out of position. If you tend to drive on bumpier roads, then you’re even more likely to experience issues with your alignment.

Signs that your car is out of alignment can include:

  • A shaking or vibrating in the steering wheel
  • Unprompted pulling or drifting to one side of the road
  • An off-center steering wheel
  • Uneven tread wear on your tires

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The Importance of Car Wheel Alignment

The need for a wheel alignment isn’t often an emergency — but it should be dealt with sooner rather than later, or on a routine basis. Why? Because wheel alignments can:

Increase the Life of Your Tires

Regular wheel alignments help make them last longer and ensures a smoother ride by helping prevent uneven tread wear.

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Cars face resistance from multiple forces while on the road. The more misaligned the wheels on your vehicle are, the harder the engine has to work to move the car. The harder the engine works, the more fuel it burns, meaning less time before you find yourself spending money at the gas pump once again.

Boost Your Vehicle’s Performance

Just like the engine, the other systems in your car have to compensate for the lack of wheel alignment. In order to reduce the stress and strain on your car and improve your vehicle’s handling and performance as a whole, contact us about a wheel alignment today!

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