Foam Filled Tires from Colony Tire Help Save Your Business Money & Time

If you drive a fleet vehicle, own, or run a commercial fleet, you know how frustrating — and dangerous — a flat tire can be. Eliminate the costs associated with flat tires and the risks they pose to your drivers’ safety with foam filled tires from Colony Tire Fleet!

At Colony Tire, our foam filled tires are 100% flat-proof. They are designed with application specific formulas and military-grade materials to provide you with a safe, comfortable ride and long-lasting tire life.

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Also referred to as “flat proofing,” foam filled tires provide a number of benefits to our fleet customers:

  • Renders a tire completely flat proof
  • Prevents tip-overs due to sudden flats
  • Offers better ballast for steep hillsides or overload conditions
  • Delivers a longer tread life than the same tire filled with air
  • Eliminates lost wages due to downtime caused by flats
  • Reduces tire repair costs
  • Makes retreading easy

Eliminate Flat Tires with our Flat Proofing Service

To learn more about how flat proofing can save your commercial fleet company thousands by avoiding the costly repairs and money-draining downtime caused by flat tires, contact Colony Tire today or visit the fleet location nearest you.

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