Professional Wheel & Rim Refinishing

At Colony Tire Fleet, we are committed to delivering quality, affordable maintenance and repair services to fleets throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Commercial wheel and rim refinishing is just one of the professional services we offer to keep your fleet’s tires looking their best and operating at optimal capacity.

Are your wheels or rims…

  • Bent?
  • Tarnished?
  • Corroded?
  • Rusted?
  • Cracked?

Schedule your service

You may not have to purchase brand new wheels! Consider having your rims refinished at a Colony Tire Fleet location for a fraction of the cost!

Our fleet mechanics have experience working with commercial vehicles in the farming, logging, trucking, mining and construction industries, and each one is trained to bring your fleet wheels and rims back to OEM specifications.

Return Your Commercial Wheels to “Like-New” Condition

Colony Tire Fleet’s expert rim and wheel refinishing not only provides your fleet vehicles in Fayetteville, Greenville, Norfolk, Columbia, and beyond with a professional appearance that reflects your company’s positive reputation — it also offers a number of performance-based benefits, including:

  • A lower chance of air pressure loss in your commercial tires
  • Extended wheel/rim life
  • A decreased likelihood of full tire blowouts or failures

Return your fleet truck’s wheels to “like-new” condition. Contact Colony Tire’s fleet division today to schedule an appointment for wheel and rim refinishing at one of our NC, SC, VA or TN fleet service centers.

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