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Founded in 1914, Cooper has always been a mainstay in the American tire industry. In fact, today, they are only one of two American-run tire companies in the world.

“The Cooper Advantage” details what this leading tire company is all about — passion, precision and performance. Through an innovative technology called Vtech (or Virtual Tire Technology), Cooper is able to predict tire performance to ensure the highest quality product available on the market today.

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CS5 Grand Touring

Equipped with a 60,000-mile tread life warranty, all-season traction and offering comfortable, sporty handling, this superior passenger tire truly stands out from the competition.

Zeon 2XS

The 2XS offers a unique tread design to ensure a long tread life and better handling on wet roads — and with a 45-day “buy and try” period, you definitely can’t go wrong with this high performance summer tire.

Discoverer H/T

Designed for all-season comfort and traction, this touring SUV/light truck replacement tire offers exceptional traction and handling on wet roads, as well as snow and ice.