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Established in 1917, Yokohama’s corporate philosophy is “To enrich people’s lives and contribute to their greater happiness and well-being by devoting our wholehearted energies and advanced technology to the creation of beneficial products.”

Over the last century, this tire manufacturer has done just that, developing a comprehensive line of innovative tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, light trucks, mining and construction equipment, industrial vehicles and aircrafts alike, as well as aluminum alloy wheels and automobile-related components.

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Avid H4 and Avid V4

These high-performance, all-season tires offer superior comfort and performance and exceptional dry traction, as well as a 5-year or 45,000-mile limited warranty combined with a free, 30-day trial

Avid Touring-S

Designed to deliver exceptional ride quality and handling, as well as low noise generation, this all-season tire is an affordable option for luxury-touring vehicle owners

Geolander A/T-S

This on-/off-road, all-terrain tire features one of Yokohama’s most innovative products yet, featuring all-weather traction capabilities, improved tire wear, superior handling and much, much more